Welcome, and check out our launch animation!

We’re very excited to launch the very first issue of the new Social Imaginaries Journal, volume one, issue one! The first issue is a bumper issue, with important debates and voices featured across the issue. Head over to the ‘issues’ page to view the content information and link to the abstracts.

The eye-catching journal cover art – a field of intersecting labyrinths – takes inspiration from Cornelius Castoriadis’s work Crossroads in the LabyrinthIn the ‘Preface’, Castoriadis takes up the ancient Greek myth of Daedelus’s labyrinth as a way of problematizing the dualism in Plato’s allegory of the cave, and positing an alternative. He draws on the labyrinth metaphor to rethink Reason, thought, truth, social creation, social doing, and ‘the things themselves’. For Castoriadis, labyrinths are human creations: our exploration of them simultaneously creates new interconnecting corridors that necessitate negotiation. We come to know the truth of these passages in fragments, through articulation, problematization, and debate.

With this in mind, we present to you an animated introduction to the labyrinth, created by Social Imaginaries Journal. Have a look, and enter the labyrinth with us!


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