Castoriadis on the Imaginary Institution of Society

This is the first of a series of video posts about thinkers and their works that have influenced Social Imaginaries Journal.
Cornelius Castoriadis’s Imaginary Institution of Society (written in 1975) is an intriguing work, and his elucidation of ‘the social imaginary’ and ‘social imaginary significations’ are – as you may be able to tell from the name of our journal – a seminal interest for our collective.  In this video (in Greek with English subtitles), Castoriadis details the social imaginary and its relation to ‘the social-historical’. He is a capitivating and enthusiastic speaker, and his ideas about society, history, the institution, the imaginary, creation and autonomy challenged many of the ‘givens’ of the human sciences and our broad understanding of shared reality.

What do you think?


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