Social Imaginaries at the #ESA2015

A little time has passed since our last update, largely because Social Imaginaries was in Prague for the European Sociological Association’s 2015 conference!

Our editor Paul Blokker and editorial assistant Erin Carlisle liaised with our friends in sociology and social theory to spruik the journal’s first volume, including the upcoming issue two of volume one, which will be launched in November this year. [Stay tuned for a table of contents in coming weeks.]

The #ESA2015 was a huge success. Paul and Erin each presented on the final morning of the conference, alongside each other in the ‘Social Theory’ research network. Social imaginaries were core aspects of their discussions. In addition to this, members of the ESA were treated to speeches from reknowned thinkers such as Zygmunt Bauman, Arlie Hochschild, and Agnes Heller. What a treat for the social theoretical senses! Have a look at our Facebook page for our #ESA2015 updates.


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