Peter Wagner on “Progress and Modernity”

Now for part six of our series of influences and presences at Social Imaginaries. Peter Wagner is one of our Editors-at-Large,  and featured in our first issue with his paper ‘Interpreting the Present: A Research Programme’ (2015, vol.1, no.1).

Like our other Editors-at-Large, Wagner is a prominent voice in sociological and social theory. He has produced numerous works that reflect on the problem and — in his characterization, the problématiques — of modernity. His recent work in particular draws on broadly Arnasonian themes, especially his arguments for a ‘world sociology’ that gives its due to different emergent modernities across sociocultural and historical horizons outside of the occidental global north, such as South Africa and Brazil. In this video presentation, Wagner discusses the interrelated, yet recently separated (in his view) concepts of Progress and Modernity.

(He begins his presentation in English from 10:20 secs.)“>/


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