George Taylor on ‘Cultural Imagination’

Now for part eight of our influences upon and participants in Social Imaginaries. Introducing one of our esteemed Editors-at-Large, George Taylor!

Taylor has written extensively on Paul Ricoeur’s work. He acted as the editor for Ricoeur’s major work ‘Lectures on Ideology and Utopia’, and has spent a number of years elucidating a notion of the imagination from Ricoeur’s work, from published and unpublished sources. Taylor appeared at a conference in Kraków earlier this year, which had the theme ‘Phenomenological Hermeneutics Ten Years after the Death of Paul Ricoeur’. There, and in the forthcoming issue of Social Imaginaries, Taylor debates the ‘phenomenological contributions of Ricoeur’s philosophy of imagination’.

Will be fantastic reading for those with an interest in Ricoeur’s work, phenomenology, and hermeneutics!



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