Vincent Descombes on Paul Ricoeur

And now for part nine of our influences upon and participants in Social Imaginaries. Introducing another member of our esteemed Editors-at-Large, Vincent Descombes!

Descombes’ interests span the constellations of French and German philosophy, philosophies of language and the mind, and has engaged in an ongoing challenge of strictly ‘analytical’ philosophy of the mind and cognition across his career. His 2014 work The Institutions of Meaning: A Defense of Anthropological Holism certainly has connections to our journal, as he argues that meaning and thought arise from, and are embedded within, social existence and common, historically instituted practices.  Descombes is the director of studies at the renowned École des Hautes Études en Sciences Sociales, Paris, and was a member of the famous revolutionary group Socialisme ou Barbarie.  In the following video, Descombes discusses the work of Paul Ricoeur, at a centenary conference for Ricoeur, to celebrate his expansive works and ongoing legacy in France and across the world.

(This video is in French / en français)

Paul Ricœur : la traversée du siècle. 1/4 (Vincent Descombes)




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