2015 – Vol. One, Issue Two

This issue was, once again, a bumper issue. You may find a copy of the table of contents on our Academia.edu page —> here

Vol. 1, issue 2, Fall 2015

Table of Contents

Suzi Adams and John Krummel — Introduction

George H. Taylor — The Phenomenological  Contributions of Ricoeur’s Philosophy of Imagination

Timo Helenius — Between Receptivity and Productivity: Paul Ricoeur on Cultural Imagination

Adam Konopka— Embodiment and Umwelt: A Phenomenological Approach

Ľubica Učník — The Problem of Morality in a Mathematized Universe: Time and Eternity in Dostoevsky’s The Brother’s Karamazov and the Concept of Love in Patočka’s Last Essay

Bernhard Waldenfels — The Equating of the Unequal (translated by John W. M. Krummel)

Kwok-ying Lau — War, Peace and Love: The Logic of Lévinas

Fred Dallmayr — ‘Man Against the State’: Community and Dissent

Johann P. Arnason — Elias and Eisenstadt: The Multiple Meanings of Civilisation