2016 – Vol. Two, Issue Two. Special Issue on Trajectories of Modernity

This issue was guest edited by Jacob Blamini, Aurea Mota, and Peter Wagner, titled ‘Trajectories of Modernity–Towards a Renewal of Historical Comparative Sociology’. Check out the table of contents and abstracts for the issue on our Academia.edu page —-> here

  • Trajectories Of Modernity—Towards A Renewal Of Historical-ComparativeSociology: An Introduction, by Jacob Dlamini, Aurea Mota andPeter Wagner
  • Transnational World? The Implications Of Transnationalism For Comparative Historical Sociology, by Gerard Delanty 
  • State Formation In Early Modern Muslim Empires: Common Origin And Divergent Paths, by Said Amir Arjomand 
  • Challenges of the Anthropocene: Between Critique and Creationby Ingerid S. Straume 
  • Uncivilised Civilisations: Reflections On Brazil And Comparative Historyby Aurea Mota
  • World-Sociology: An Outline, by Peter Wagner
  • Elaborating the Philosophical Dimensions: The Development Of Historical-Comparative Sociology In Johann Pall Arnason’s Civilizational Analysis, by Jakub Homolka
  • On Johann Arnason and the Religio-Political Nexus: Some Preliminary Reflections, by Suzi Adams
  • Shame and the Imaginary Institution Of Society, by Jacob Dlamini
  • Anti-Antimodernity: Understanding Narratives Of Modernity In (Of)Latin America, by Eduardo A. Rueda
  • Mastering Nature: A Russian Way Into Modernity? by Maxim Khomyakov
  • The Long Shadow Of European Self-Interpretation In Another Modernityby Ken’ichi Mishima