2015 – Vol. One, Issue One

This issue was a bumper issue, which set the scene for the journal and features seminal debates and voices in the field of Social Imaginaries.

You can view the abstracts of the first issue on our academia.edu page —>here.
You can also browse the first issue on Google Books (including the full-text of the editorial and ‘Social Imaginaries in Debate’ —> here.

Vol. 1, issue 1, Spring 2015

Table of Contents

Editorial — Social Imaginaries Editorial Collective

Suzi Adams, Paul Blokker, Natalie J Doyle, John Krummel, and Jeremy C A Smith — Social Imaginaries in Debate

Johann P. Arnason — Introduction to Castoriadis’s  “The Imaginary As Such”

Cornelius Castoriadis —The Imaginary As Such (translated by Johann P Arnason)

John Krummel — Introduction to Nakamura Yūjirō and his Work

Nakamura Yujiro — “The Logic of Place” and Common Sense (translated by John Krummel)

Peter Wagner — Interpreting the Present – a Research Programme

Suzi Adams — Introduction to Johann P. Arnason’s “The Imaginary Dimensions of Modernity”

Johann P. Arnason — The Imaginary Dimensions of Modernity (translated by Suzi Adams)

Natalie J. Doyle — Introduction to Marcel Gauchet’s “Democracy: From One Crisis to Another”

Marcel Gauchet — Democracy: From One Crisis to Another (translated by Natalie J Doyle)

Craig Calhoun, Dilip Gaonkar, Benjamin Lee, Charles Taylor and Michael Warner — Modern Social Imaginaries Revisited: A Conversation (edited by Dilip Gaonkar)


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