2017-Vol. Three, Issue Two// Approaches to Religion

Special Issue of Social Imaginaries, Vol. 3, No. 2, 2017

Special issue: Approaches to Religion
Guest Edited by Johann P. Arnason

Table of Contents

  1. Introduction, by Johann P. Arnason
  2. The Inner Lives of Javanese Muslims: Modern Sufi Visions in Indonesian Islam, by Joel S. Kahn
  3. ‘Religion’ as Conceptualised in a Roman Perspective, by Jörg Rüpke
  4. ‘Hermeneutik des Neuen’. Ruptures and Innovations of Religious Interpretation—Reflections from Indian Religious History: The Case of Bhakti, by Martin Fuchs
  5. Terrorism as ‘Apocalyptic Violence’: On the Meaning and Validity of a New Analytical Category, by Matthais Riedl
  6. Theorizing the History of Religions: The Weberian Agenda and its Unresolved Issues, by Johann P. Arnason

Varia section

  1. Critical Introduction to Alain Caillé and Marcel Gauchet: An Exchange on the Place of Religious Meaning in the Self-Institution of Human Societies, by Natalie J. Doyle
  2. On the Politico-Religious: Seventeen Embryonic Theses (Plus One) Written in the Spirit of Sociological Topics, by Alain Caillé (translated by Natalie J. Doyle)
  3. The Political and Religion: Twelve Propositions in Reply to Alain Caillé, by Marcel Gauchet (translated by Natalie J. Doyle)
  4. New Theses on Religion, by Alain Caillé (translated by Natalie J. Doyle and George Renuka)
  5. Cornelius Castoriadis and Claude Lefort: The Question of Autonomy, by Robert Legros (translated by Steve Rothnie)
  6. Emancipatory Alternatives, Sites of Resistance: Social Subversion, Political Contestation, and Dystopic Imaginaries, by Roger Savage
  7. Who Is Afraid of The Myth of the State? Remarks on Cassirer’s Unpublished Manuscript, by Chiara Bottici